Hidden secrets from the recruitment panel’s viewpoint

Posted December 19th, 2021

The hidden secrets and reasons why candidates are selected.

We constantly hear people say that they were unsuccessful at interview or with finding jobs in Port Macquarie,  so, we surveyed a number of workplaces to address some of the most common reasons employers hire employees.

Here is a list with the results, in no particular order. Generally employer’s select someone who will add value to the organisation and to the team effort. Someone who “stands-out” from the other applicants. They look for the following 9 items 1) long term potential 2)ability to work well with others 3)ability to make money 4) relevant resume 5) relevant work experience 6) creative problem solving 7) adaptability 8) enthusiasm 9) good cultural fit

Long-term potential

Employers want to see your long-term future within  their company. They need to see you are motivated and excited about  the company’s future direction and your role in it.

Demonstrated ability to work well with others

We spend a lot of time at work. There is nothing worse than someone who cannot get along with others.

Ability to make money

Hiring managers want people who can prove that they will add value the company’s profits NOT increase its costs without benefit to them.

Relevant résumé

Your résumé is  your very own personal  sales flier.  It is a reflection of you in the eyes of the reader. Is it “selling” you well? Not sure? Get a second opinion from an expert.

Relevant work experience

Experience levels generally allow a person to hit the ground running without a lot of hand-holding. Many managers do not have time to mentor and train people on the basics.

Creative problem-solving skills

Employers seek someone who know how to tackle challenges and opportunities in a way no one will find in a textbook.

Adaptability in handling a variety of projects

They seek someone who isn’t shy about asking for additional work. Someone who volunteers to take on extra work, even if it means putting in additional hours.

Enthusiasm and initiative

If you show consistent enthusiasm and take initiative on the job, you can count on being noticed and rewarded. Don’t just meet  the criteria of a job description, go above and beyond what is required to help the business succeed.

Good cultural fit

Recruiters are pressured to find the right match for a company. Applicants are under pressure to creatively differentiate them and demonstrate a desire to succeed, make sure you research the company and ensure that you actually “fit” the culture also!

In conclusion,  preparing for these 9 criteria can help you get ready for your next interview that will land you your  next job

Ivana Agapiou – career advise and resume writer