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Your job application needs to be smarter, shorter, smoother and simply match the criteria

In the past, most applications were initially screened and handled by HR administration or  HR professionals, these were the people who first eye-balled your application and would shortlist by simply skimming  your application, searching for certain phrases or buzzwords. Here’s the tricky thing … not all applications are read by human eyes anymore. Many employers and HR departments that employ large numbers of staff, utilize scanning software to search for keywords in job applications and ONLY  when the computer pings with matches,  will they read the applications! 

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Resumes written for reading, not rejection.

Many of us need help to write about ourselves! For most of us It’s a challenge to “blow own trumpet”! so here is one way your resume will stand out and be noticed… it’s that “about me” statement that can make or break the reader’s attention… need help? call us now 0265838222

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Return to send, address unknown, no such number…

basic RESUME Writing 101 and if you cant get this right, why are you sending out resumes and no one can actually call you back, let alone find your current address. 

Please check your resume, before you press “send” …  you may be missing out only because you forgot to update your basic contact details… GOOD NEWS… it’s an easy fix.

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