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RESUME writing Services

No kidding! If your resume is not getting you the interview, then here are a few things that may need adjustment: Here are 10 useful tips

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The Resume is the reigning KING!

Match your skills and experience to the advertised job. Avoid applying for jobs for the sake of applying for jobs. Be selective and make sure it’s actually a job you might like and most important, one that you are qualified to do!

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Resumes are your best sales and promotional flier!

“Is your resume getting you that interview?”

If it is, then you have a good resume, however, if it does not get you in front of a potential employer, it’s doing you NO favours! It should read like a sales document, it should “sell” your skills, experience and qualifications… it should make you like highly marketable!

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It’s complicated! Resume/cover letters/capability levels, WHOOO!!


Applying for a job, especially within government sectors can be very tricky! Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:-

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Are you enthusiastic about your career??

If you are not a little scared of your career path, then maybe you should be a little worried. The average person works for 30+ years and no else is going to worry, or steer your career in the right direction except you.. A little something to think about

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