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RESUME writing Services

No kidding! If your resume is not getting you the interview, then here are a few things that may need adjustment: Here are 10 useful tips

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Resumes are your best sales and promotional flier!

“Is your resume getting you that interview?”

If it is, then you have a good resume, however, if it does not get you in front of a potential employer, it’s doing you NO favours! It should read like a sales document, it should “sell” your skills, experience and qualifications… it should make you like highly marketable!

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It’s complicated! Resume/cover letters/capability levels, WHOOO!!


Applying for a job, especially within government sectors can be very tricky! Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:-

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Are you enthusiastic about your career??

If you are not a little scared of your career path, then maybe you should be a little worried. The average person works for 30+ years and no else is going to worry, or steer your career in the right direction except you.. A little something to think about

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